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Moreover, kids can get wrong education, and it will badly affect their future. Same sex marriages have some disadvantages while on the other hand, it can mean denial of basic rights to enjoy the human benefits. This argument, often encoded in the very name of sodomy statutes, betrays a considerable ignorance of behavior in the animal kingdom.

Homosexuality is as old as civilization itself, and has always been a part of civilization, including this one - indeed, cross-cultural studies indicate that the percentage of homosexuals in a population is independent of culture.

Gay Marriage: The Arguments and the Motives

They believe that the family institution is protected through heterosexual marriage whose main aim is to procreate. It has a lot to do with the conservative mindset, of placing high values on a sacred, valued in-group - the married - and the intrusion into that sacred group of a largely despised out-group - gays.

The concept of not denying people their rights unless you can show a compelling reason to do so is the very basis of the American ideal of human Arugement essay same sex marriage.

Granting gays the right to marry is a "special" right. There are several problems with this argument, the first of which is that it presumes that sexual orientation is a choice.

Gay Marriage Essay / Research Paper Example

The case in Florida is a perfect example of such benefits that are denied. Psychologists tell us that what makes the difference is the love of the parents, not their gender. Even if you are permanently parenting the child.

Economic benefits that the proponents of gay marriages cite include increased revenue as a result of additional marriages through marriage taxes Stockland It has been suggested that homophobia is an instinctual fear of being raped by someone that the homophobe regards as lower than him in status.

Just name the situation, and ask. The church opposes same sex marriage since they believe that the bible instructs how Christians should properly live. Science itself has finally weighed in on the reasons why conservatives in particular are so opposed to gay marriage.

Many churches oppose same sex marriage and believe that God wants marriage to be between a man and a woman. The fact that many churches are not willing to accept this evidence says more about the churches than it does about gay marriage.

Of course, you can search any other phrase you wish, too. But that is why constitutional government was established -- to ensure that powerless, unpopular minorities are still protected from the tyranny of the majority.

Plenty of masculine, respected movies stars are gay. Married heterosexuals are never asked for such a document. Supreme Court Lawrence vs.

Argumentative Essay On Same Sex Marriage

The vast majority of gay men prefer sex in the same emotional setting you do as a straight man with a woman - as a part of the expression of love, affection and commitment.

Gay marriage has been legal, in various forms, in parts of Europe for more than twenty years, and in Canada and many states in the United States for some time now, but can anyone point to any credible evidence that gay marriage itself is leading to the crumbling of western civilization?

A man making love to another man betrays everything that is masculine. What, then, to do? All men are created equal, so the right to marry should also be the same Brumbaugh, If they were able to marry, this would not have been the case. No Prejudgments Since gay marriages are validated, there will be less stereotyping and prejudgments.

However, there are several arguments that show legalizing in bad light.Gay marriage is defined as a legal union between members of the same sex. Ten percent of Americans, the size of the gay community, are denied the right to marry.

The individuals representing this group want what every heterosexual has, the right to legally marry their life partner. The Case for Same-Sex Marriage: From Sexual Liberty to Civilized Commitment by William N.

Eskridge, Jr. offers some compelling legal reasons why the arguments raised in this essay make sense, both from a legal and moral point of. What are the reasons for and against gay marriage It will then examine the reasons for and against the legalization of gay marriage. The conclusion will summarize the main arguments.

Overview of gay marriage History. Same-sex marriage is nothing new, with historical evidence showing that marriage has not always been the.

This Argumentative essay will discuss about the argument of same sex marriage. The contents are: meaning, brief background and thesis statement for the Introduction; for the Body of the discussion is the counter argument; and for the conclusion part: the summary and the restatement of the thesis statement.

Jul 12,  · Gay Marriage. Why it Should be Legalized Gay people feel the same way. Parenthood is a benefit of marriage and gay couples cannot have children by themselves, without some type of help, so.

argumentative essay: The Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legalized.

Nov 09,  · Article is a same-sex marriage argumentative essay. Positive and negative points of its legalization are showed/5(K).

Arugement essay same sex marriage
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