Early finishers writing activities

I get emails all the time about my early finisher task cards and how I use them, so I thought this was the perfect time to go through it! When it gets full, the old ones come down and the new ones go up.

Not that they would ever do that. Can you add challenge to even out the time it takes? Writing a book review as opposed to a report that gets put online. Uses many cheap or free resources. Here are some I like: As well of structuring the classroom and setting certain boundaries, consistent modeling of drawing and writing activities will inspire your students to do the same with their free time.

Study your math facts using the computer program. I hope these ideas have helped you.


The work itself should be more complex, which should take more time. Teacher has the final approval. What do you have your students do when they are finished early with a task? I made a tub for them, and the kids blew right through them, and I had a big pile of word searches, crossword puzzles, and the like early finishers writing activities in my "turn in" bin.

When students have completed their task and they are sure that they checked it over, then they can quietly go the learning center to choose an activity. Mindware offers free printable samples of most of their books.

Make sure group assignments are differentiated in the same way as individual ones would be. The Excellence in Reading program offers free printable lists of books banded by grade level.

Top 5 Ideas for Early Finishers

Thank you again for your submissions. The book provides practical tips, sample lessons, lesson plans and templates, suggestions for related literacy work stations, and connections to whole-group instruction.

This obviously takes a lesson to be able to write a decent review, but when they get the hang of it, all is well. It also gives me the ability to make sure the students are challenging themselves in various areas of the curriculum such as math, writing, reading, science and art.

Create a list, like the example below, and post it somewhere in your classroom where all students can see it. Early Finisher Books There are excellent books available that provide guides for how to teach to different ages and abilities and foster independence.

Easy peasy for me but engaging and meaningful for the students! Complete a job card. It has to be a quiet activity. Please share them in the comment section below. Go to the back of the room and play quietly with playdough. Build in a classroom version of checks-and-balances to make sure students are creating quality work.

Oh, how I wish TpT had been around when I was beginning. My Read-Ahead Contracts may give you some ideas. Stations are organized by grade level K-2and provides ideas to carry out in the classroom that work on specific concepts and skills.

I snagged a picture of it from their website below. Top Ten List If you find that all of these ideas seems like they would not be a good fit in your classroom, then you should try this simple top ten list.

Do you have any unique ideas to share? At the end of the post, I have included a list of cards I use. To oversimplify, part of the class may be working on addition, while the advanced learners most often the early finishers have multiplication.

I just punched an extra set of holes in the task cards, put two binder rings on, and they hang so nicely and it takes no time at all. They need enrichment and extensions in the core content. I have always kept my early finisher cards mixed in with my task card board, and this year, I wanted to make it easy for students to see what they could work on.

These are just a few examples, but I think you get the point. What will happen if the expectations are violated?WHAT TO DO WITH EARLY FINISHERS.

Classroom Management: Keeping Early Finishers on Task

Some kids are early finishers who complete activities way faster than the other children, and what they do is spot on for their developmental levels. consistent modeling of drawing and writing activities will inspire your students to do the same with their free time.

Early Finisher Activities/Fast Finishers MEGA PACK BUNDLE Need something to challenge your gifted and talented students who finish early? Are they always crying out for enrichment? Related searches for early finishers activities.

early finishers activities writing; early finishers activities year long.

Early Finisher Task Cards

early finishers task cards. Activity. doc, KB. early finishers task cards. About this resource. Info. Whole school / Behavior and classroom management; View more. Other resources by this author. Early Finisher Task Cards.

A set of task cards, some sequential, which can be done independently. mojowatt (34) Activities for Tutor Time/5(33).

Early Finishers: Ideas for Teachers. January 17, Early finishers are writing a paragraph imitating the style of a famous author or revising a section of a famous speech.

How will students know when they can participate in the early finisher activities? 20 “Finish the Picture” Prompts Plus 33 MORE Early Finisher Activities That You Can Feel Good About Why not provide your early finishers with the opportunity to take a leadership role by taking these photos for you?

Create a quick “cheat sheet” of basic photography tips and turn the camera over to them! 2 Projects to Brighten. Top 5 Ideas for Early Finishers. The Best Ways to Keep Students Challenged After They've Completed Assignments.

Grades. This means, not only having activities on hand for early finishers, but making sure that you have an assortment of options that will meet the needs of students at different levels.

writing, reading, science and art.

Early finishers writing activities
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