Endocrine disruptors in city water supplies

Like BPA and trenbolone acetate, Atrazine — sold by the biotech giant Syngenta — is already banned in European countries, but remains virtually unregulated in America.

Increasing common awareness is therefore critical. The going assumption from both industrialists and environmental regulators was that it was breaking down during the day as it was exposed to sunlight, rendering its effects on aquatic life, and human and animal use of the water, negligible.

Commonly known EDCs are provided in Table 1. Due to the increased detection capability and increase in sicknesses associated with the endocrine system, the regulatory agencies and the public have paid more attention to this topic.

‘Zombie’ Endocrine Disruptors Dumped in Water Supply

However, there is also a need for "hurry. Geological Survey study In people, atrazine exposure may be linked to increased risks of thyroid cancer, reproductive harm and birth defects.

Furthermore, pilot research needs to be established in every utility to target the EDCs present in each water supply and make sure that no toxic byproducts are created from the treatment process. However, before public frenzy, it is important to consider the other ways EDCs are used on a day-to-day basis.

Before regulating public water systems there should be a framework to regulate levels of EDCs in everyday products we use. Options for treatment are illustrated in Chart 1. Let the health agencies and research determine these levels, not the public perception and product manufacturers.

Until recently, the presence of EDCs in public water supply was not acknowledged. So what is an acceptable level of EDCs in public water supply and wastewater effluent?

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Further research is also required to determine the safety of EDCs treatment byproducts. For example, a recent study showed that children of mothers exposed to atrazine had an increased risk of a birth defect called choanal atresia, a narrowing or blockage of the back of the nasal canal that can be life-threatening in newborn infants.

Now, environmentalists are concerned that hormones dumped into water — from sources like factory farm cattle operations — are at higher levels than previously thought, in part because they mysteriously regenerate at night, thwarting attempts to measure them and assumptions about them breaking down in sunlight.

In water treatment there are multiple options for removal. Even though technology is available to treat EDCs, the cost of creating a specific regimen is prohibitive since there is no cookie cutter approach to removing EDCs.

Up to 80 million pounds of it are used in the U. Also On Sagacious News.

‘Zombie’ Endocrine Disruptors Dumped In Water Supply

Urine of medicated individuals and animals and wastewater from everyday household products can add to the level of EDCs in our water supply. However, combined treatment has been the most promising due to the range of chemical characteristics of EDCs.Endocrine Disruptors are chemicals that change the way the Endocrine Systems work.

Read Kate Golden's Explanation On The Two Endocrine Disruptors Found Read the Full Story - Concerns grow about hormone disrupting endocrines in Wisconsin's Waters. Pharmaceuticals and Endocrine Disruptors in Wastewater Treatment Effluents and in the Water Supply System Pharmaceuticals and Endocrine Disruptors in Calgary’s Water and Wastewater Points of entry of endocrine-disrupting compounds into the water supply.

8 While EE2 is more chemically potent than other estrogenic compounds, the amount of EE2 consumed by women using oral contraceptive is significantly less.

The National Marine Fisheries Service estimated the new regulations would cut water supplies from the Delta beginning next year by about 5 percent to 7 percent, or roughlyacre-feet a year, enough water for a city of about 2 million people.

‘Zombie’ Endocrine Disruptors Dumped in Water Supply. Featured Our Health. Sep 27, other hormonal disruptors dumped into water supplies are emerging as major issues, Endocrine-Disrupting Herbicide Linked with Cancer & Birth Defects in 52 Million Americans’ Drinking Water.

‘Zombie’ Endocrine Disruptors Dumped In Water Supply Posted on September 27, December 1, by Sagacious News Network (Aaron Dykes) Hormone-upsetting chemicals dumped into the environment are rising up to haunt Americans, spreading cancer and infertility around the world.

Endocrine disruptors in city water supplies
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