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However, there are other examples of abstracts that presuppose a longer text. Some peculiarities of the language in question made it interesting for the research, as Naxi bears a certain resemblance to Chinese and Japanese languages, though at the same time differs from them.

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Example of abstract in linguistics This paper describes and analyzes the Naxi language, which belongs to the Sino-Tibetan family and is now on the brink of extinction.

Still, before you start googling for examples of abstract online, you might want to consider whether you need one and what features account for a good example abstract.

However, in their first years of college, students often work on relatively short research papers, which can come without any abstract at all. Another piece of advice before we move to some real-life example of an abstract would be to consult your school requirements about the length of an abstract.

So, it would not be wise to start working on an abstract before finishing the paper. Investing into activities that truly matter: A closer research, however, shows that Naxi grammar, morphology and especially intonation has some features not characteristic of the other world languages, which makes its preservation a top priority for linguists.

On the whole, any kind of research paper presupposes an abstract. However, there are more reasons to choose a custom writing service, for instance: When it comes to research abstract examples, the issue can be a little tricky.

Remember that an abstract is going to be the only part of your paper that will be listed in the bibliographical references. If you really want to be on the safe side here, consulting your professor is the wisest idea. While this is technically against the academe rules, there is no shame in asking for help when you are stuck or are simply looking for some professional, quality examples of an abstract.

So, a short abstract that quickly states the problem and highlights the results of the research is enough.

In a thesis or a dissertation, however, it is. Whether you need an abstract example at all will mostly depend on the type of paper you are working on.

Abstract for a paper in APA style is just one of the new sections students will have to master sooner or later. A good example of an abstract: Differently from an intro that states the problem, a sample abstract gives the gist of the entire paper — the intro, the main body, and the results.

Saving time for major subjects: In this particular example abstract, however, the paper is relatively short and is not subdivided into any chapters or sections. How to start writing your abstract We cannot stress this enough — examples of abstracts that look like an intro are not good abstract examples.

Even though the general APA requirements remain the same for all educational levels and academic majors, the acceptable length of an abstract often depends on a particular establishment. Here are some benefits of ordering examples of an abstract or any other academic assignments from our qualified team: The example comes from a 6-page research paper in linguistics, which is why less than a hundred word abstract is a perfect fit.

In particular, students will have to write all sorts of new academic assignments, and follow some totally new formatting requirements.

This part of your paper should be viewed as a stand-alone text or a short synopsis of your entire paper. This, however, could not be farther from the truth.Abstract The purpose of this study is to reveal the reliability, practicality, and validity level of the entrance exam for the teacher train.

Practical Abstract Examples

Practical Uses of Marijuana and Hemp Essays - Marijuana is a hot button topic in America today. The plant is looked down upon, usually as a harmful and useless drug. Practical Abstract Examples Getting into college is a huge achievement; still, it comes with some strings attached.

In particular, students will have to write all sorts of new academic assignments, and follow some totally new formatting requirements. Importance Of Practical Education Education may be two types- theoretical and practical. When and learn from it, we are acquiring theoretical education.

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Essay on practicality
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