Fairy tail mattered

We still have some time until they start their plans, that attack Fairy tail mattered magnolia was the sign that they are still active.

His red eyes were cold as ice and his short hair was a bright red. Gray laughed as Erza seemed to not pay attention to what was happening, but her body twitched a little when Ur hugged Naruto.

Each one has joined with their own purpose, but their main purpose is to claim the world as theirs, each leader are not even considered human, based upon their wide range of magic abilities.

Nothing really special, a girl named Lucy wants to become a wizard in a famous guild and after she meets Natsu, one of its members, she manages to join him and thus, they form a team and start on taking missions and embark on journeys.

I look at other children and know that if the same thing happens again, they… those kids that I see, will be gone! OP and ED songs are really great you will love them trust me.

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A random portal appeared and he shoved you towards it. You blinked in shock and backed up a Fairy tail mattered. Naruto handed each and everyone a paper which had a glowing white magic circle.

The iron dragon slayer seemed to confident as his was reaching close to Natsu but then widened his eyes as he saw man behind Natsu. His face had a narrow appearance with his lower lip pierced. The young and brash girl soon had a smirk as the man started to worry from that.


You only fixed all his damage because he hated how he killed everything and you had vowed to do this when you were younger. So what better way than to be teached by a new master that did that. The story progresses in arcs with each arc being connected nicely with the next one and the transition between them feels smooth and logical.

You should have seen their faces! Every stereotype of this genre can be found in this series, from the typical hotheaded male protagonist to the evil villain who becomes good and changes sides and the fact that most of them remain the same throughout the series makes this show even more predictable.

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Mix Matter this magic comes with an additional effect called Mix Matter allowing the user to turn their body into 2 different kinds of substances that covers half of your body giving them more then one substances to use against the opponent, However using this effect requires a lot more magical power.

He loosened up a little. Although, the story of each individual arc can be described as cliche, you could at least expect the execution to be masterful for a popular anime like this, right? Power levels are confusing as one reviewer stated. The atmosphere and the nature of each arc generally remain the same lighthearted and cheerful vibe following the vibe of the anime on its whole, except for some moments and scenes which need to be dark to show the contradiction between good and evil.

My gosh it was incredible!!! Naruto raised his fist in the air as he rejoiced in happiness. A form that combines both Water Body and Wind Body, the form is fast but lacks strength however fire magic has no effect what so ever in either side Steel-Fire Body: Mostly a defensive type of magic, its stronger then Steel Body and tougher Obsidian Body: It sure will be fun!

The designs of characters are unique and suit their personalities quite well which in consequence make them somehow memorable. He looked at the sleeping Ur as he was really pumped to fight the one and only Ice Make Queen.

The battles are won by overpowering the enemy and no strategical thinking is involved. I am still amazed at myself that I managed to watch all of this series, but that only indicates that there are some positives to it and I somehow enjoyed it all. Making his head fall down.

No training of any kind whatsoever. You also had the power to turn invisible, so it was easy to move through crowds of people.Another spin-off, Fairy Tail: Happy Adventure by Kenshirō Sakamoto, was released on July 26 on the same app. On June 27,Hiro announced another spin-off manga, tentatively titled, Fairy Tail City Hero, written and illustrated by Ushio Andō.

Fairy Tail is a weekly battle manga made by Hiro Mashima (who is known for his series Rave Master).

Matter Magic

It centers around a girl named Lucy Heartfilia who joins a mages guild. ***Sprites and backdrops from "Fairy Tail: Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou" for Nintendo DS and "Fairy Tail Gekitou!

Madoushi Kessen", also for Nintendo DS.e "Fairy Tail". Special Thanks to TBPorqui1 for the amazing piano versions of Fairy Tail Music. I DO NOT OWN FAIRY TAIL. I. NOTE: Fairy Tail: Part 8 (Blu-ray/DVD Combo) will include Episodes When an unstoppable force descends upon Magnolia and Fairy Tail, the entire town is transported to /5(41).

Below is a List of Characters that have appeared in Fairy Tail. Matter Magic (マッター メージク Matta Meejiku) is a very rare Caster Magic that allows the user to turn his body into any kind of substance they want.

This magic is unique only to Atom Longside Contents[show] Description This magic allows its users to coat their hole body or .

Fairy tail mattered
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