Fierce 5 and the magnificent 7

In FebruaryRaisman was announced as a cast member for the sixteenth season of Dancing With the Stars. She performed very cleanly, getting emotional just as she hit her last tumbling pass. Maroney has gone along with the joke, posting a picture on Instagram of herself with Raisman and Ross, all making the "not impressed" face upon finding out the swimming pool they wanted to go to was closed.

Although known for her beautiful technique, she looked shaky from the start of the routine and fell off the beam during the fouette jump element.

Fierce Five

Raisman and Wieber had been best friends, and Maroney and Ross had been best friends since they were young. The team was leading Russia as the group moved to vault. In a twist of irony, the vault that secured her place in the All-Around also prohibited her from participating as she was too injured to compete, and Moceanu took her place.

Strug vaulted next as the anchor of the team and performed the same vault as Moceanu, also falling backwards onto the mat. In the team competition, each gymnast performed two vaults however, only the higher score of the two vaults was counted.

As it was unknown to the team that they had already secured the gold medal, Strug was encouraged by her coach, Bela Karolyi, to vault again. Wieber went up next and absolutely sold her routine, performing with a beaming smile, and scoring a The United States team competed in the third session, with Russia and China left to compete in the fourth session.

Despite their mistakes, the Americans finished prelims in first place at the end of the day. Next the group moved to floor exercise where everyone performed well, with no major errors.

With seven athletes on each team for the first and only time, each team other than Romania who had only six members because of an injury put their six best team members up on each event. Strug not only qualified for vault finals, but also for the All-Around competition. Each country in the Games could send only three gymnasts to the All-Around finals, and had Strug not vaulted again, she would have finished fourth behind Miller, Dawes, and Moceanu, just as she did in the Games, behind Miller, Okino, and Zmeskal.

Maroney has called the meme "pretty funny", and has said that she apparently makes the face without noticing until her teammates point it out to her.

On the tour, Raisman and Maroney became injured performing on the uneven bars a few weeks in. Of the four superpower teams, the Americans were the first to compete, with Russia, China, and Romania competing after them.

Amy Chow had the highest difficulty of anyone on the team, most notably on the uneven bars. Maroney competed on vault.

Magnificent Seven (gymnastics)

Chow essentially stuck her landing as well, with only a minor slide of her left foot. Olympic team scores[ edit ]. Following Dawes was Miller who showed the first obvious error in any of the American routines when she under-rotated her opening tumbling pass, a double layout.

At the U. Douglas had an excellent routine that kept her in first place. Douglas, Raisman, and Ross kept the team in first with their performances on balance beam. Two more of their athletes, Aliya Mustafina and Viktoria Komova, faltered on their beam routines, Komova almost falling on her dismount.

Having qualified first to the team final, the Americans went up first on vault in the first rotation. Everyone vaulted well, with Dawes, Miller, and Strug sticking their landings. Olympic Trials gymnastics At the U.

Ross competed on uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise. For the individual all-around competition, Raisman, Douglas, and Wieber qualified in second, third, and fourth place, respectively. Raisman initially received a score of Following uneven bars, the team moved to balance beam where Strug led off with a shaky performance.

Maroney won the vault competition, Douglas and Ross tied for first on the uneven bars, while Raisman won the balance beam and floor exercise. Maroney qualified to the vault final, Douglas qualified to the uneven bars final, Raisman and Douglas qualified to the balance beam final, and Raisman and Wieber qualified to the floor exercise final.

Douglas went up first for the Americans. She earned only a 9. In the balance beam event final, Douglas performed fifth. The top choices were feisty and fierce.Jul 31,  · It took years but the 'Fierce Five' finally replaced the 'Magnificent Seven' as the gymnastic sweethearts of the United States when they became the first American women to win a team gold since.

The team was named the Fierce Five (known previously as the Fab Five). Raisman was named captain of the team. Unlike the Magnificent 7 in Atlanta, there were no veterans on the team.

Gabby Douglas. McKayla Maroney. Aly Raisman. Kyla Ross.

Fierce Five trump Magnificent Seven

Jordyn Wieber. Add a photo to this gallery. The Magnificent Seven was the United States Olympic women's gymnastics team that won the first ever gold medal for the United States in the women's team competition at the Summer Olympics in Atlanta.

Fierce Five, the U.S. Summer Olympics women's artistic gymnastics team, who won the second team all-around gold medal. Jul 11,  · Meet The ‘Fierce 5’ Of The US Women’s Gymnastics Team | TODAY. Category News & Politics; Show more Show less.

The Fierce Five - From the Unknown to an Olympian - Duration: 4 reasons the 'Fierce Five' are the greatest U.S. gymnastics team ever. and comparing them to the legendary "Magnificent That might as well be the Saints clobbering the Colts The Fierce Five was the artistic gymnastics team that won the second team gold medal for the United States, and the first gold medal on international soil, in the women's team competition at the Summer Olympics in London.

Fierce 5 and the magnificent 7
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