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Today, nearly 25 years later, he continues to rely on Teknion to supply durable, adaptable furniture across its headquarters offices. The case highlights the key problems faced by the company which include plummeting sales due to the global economic recession and the changing demographics of its purchasers.

Key product attributes include: The ability to change the function and look of the workplace without having to remove or replace panels and other components has also helped Harley-Davidson to realize sustainable goals, in particular its commitment to reduce waste and use of natural resources.

The emphasis was on creating defined personal workspaces that offered acoustic and visual privacy, well-defined areas where people could get work done without distraction. Everything gets reused or recycled.

Harley-Davidson's Focus Strategy

To manage through the recession and expand the strength of the Harley-Davidson brand, the company launched a long-term business strategy called "Delivering Results through Focus" in October It focused on shortening product development lead times, implemented flexible manufacturing, and expanded globally.

The Challenge Founded in the first decade of the 20th century, Harley-Davidson is a brand with Harleydavidson case study year history and a legendary image that inspires a strong brand community.

When the company felt it was time to refurbish the office to speak to the Harley-Davidson brand, Teknion was able to switch out neutral fabrics for a striking combination of orange and black Elements to reinforce the bold colors of the Harley-Davidson logo.

The case discusses the objectives of this focus strategy and how it improved productivity and profitability through continuous improvement in manufacturing, product development, and business operations.

Juneau Avenue, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Now, it was all about informal communication, teamwork and collaboration and the office was morphing into an open, interactive space.

Glass Elements also allow greater light transmission throughout the space. The site remains the location of Harley-Davidson headquarters, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This case study is about the competitive strategy of US-based iconic motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson Inc.

Early in the s, Jeff Regner, Harley-Davidson Facilities Manager, began to work with Teknion to plan and furnish the corporate offices housed in the historic brick building at W. Harley bikes were known for their distinctive design and heavy customization.

By adopting a focused differentiation strategy, the company was able to command a premium for its products. The case concludes by highlighting the set of issues that Harley needs to address for sustained long-term growth and profitability.

As part of the strategy, Harley transformed its operations to become more flexible and customer led.Harley Davidson Case Study Words | 8 Pages. Harley Davidson was founded in Milwaukie, Wisconsin inand has been manufacturing motorcycles continuously since conception (Harley Davidson DVD, ).

Executive Summary Harley-Davidson's management understood that there was much that the company could do to enhance.

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internal operating efficiency; one of those areas was in supply management across all of the company's production sites/5(3). Harley-Davidson Case Analysis 1. 1 Harley-Davidson Motor Company: An Industry and Company Analysis William Duncan Todd Bailey.

Case Study: Harley Davidson (HD) Read the case study located on page of the section titled Case Studies in your textbook (listed above) and prepare a 7- to page report in a Microsoft Word document, based on the following situation.


Harley Davidson Case Study MBA Program In Partial Fulfillment of the Course Requirements for MBA Submitted by July 24, Introduction Harley Davidson, established inis the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the United States. Case Study Teknion’s strong and enduring relationship with Harley-Davidson is a matter of great pride, as is the exceptional performance and ongoing relevance of T/O/S over more than two decades of.

Harleydavidson case study
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