Lab identifying macromolecules in food july

Put a food item containing protein into a test tubes i. Sucrose table sugar is a disacharide composed of one glucose and one fructose molecule. Locate a test tube, a test tube holder, the macroeconomics solution, and the Benedicts solution.

Also set up a control, a test tube containing a liquid that does not contain protein i. One gram of fat stores more than twice as much energy as one gram of carbohydrates. Extensions and Reflections Extensions and connections: Cellulose makes up the cell wall of plants whereas chitin provides structure to fungi and the exoskeleton of arthropods.

This reaction is caused by the reducing property of simple carbohydrates. Owe levels of protein in urine are normal. Is there a macromolecule that the tests in this lab did not test for? Normally there is very little or no glucose in urine. On day 4 the students will be sharing their labs with their teacher via google docs so the teacher will be able to highlight and comment on areas of the lab report that may need to be adjusted.

Before the lab the teacher should read the MSDS of all chemicals being used in the lab. Nucleic Acids Nucleic acids are composed of building blocks called nucleotides.

Lab identifying macromolecules in food july

Plants store excess glucose in the form of starch, a polysaccharide composed of long chains of glucose. Fat is a great source of storage energy. I dilute all items with water and fill a mL beaker and label and put into the refrigerator for easy access.

They contain a higher number of unsaturated fatty acids which have "bends" in the fatty acid chain due to double bonds between the carbon atoms. What is a macromolecule? Students should have knowledge of lab safety rules and proper lab techniques. Record the change in color tattoo observe. Structural proteins such as collagen or elastin, provide support.

What are the guiding questions for this lesson? Now, add drops of the Iodine solution. Obtain a test tube, the vegetable oil, and a piece of brown paper bag. If it is not a liquid, add some water and mash it well.

However, abnormally high amounts of protein found in a urine proteins or incommensurable is often a sign of kidney disease and can be used to detect the early signs of kidney damage. · Macromolecules+in+my+food!!+++++Name_____+ Notes/ /Domain// View Notes - Identifying Biological Macromolecules in Food from BIO at St.

Joseph's College New York. Identifying Biological Macromolecules in Food  · Identifying Macromolecules in Unknowns Lab. This is a followup to the biologically important molecules lab.

Lab #11: Identifying Macromolecules in Common Foods

Students should already be familiar with each of the main biochemical tests (Benedict's, iodine, Biuret, Sudan IV, and dische diphenylamine)  · In our class we have been referring to them as macromolecules since they are necessary for life. The Food in bottles, 10 test tubes, beaker, hot plate, test tube holder, brown paper towel, 2 well plates.

Microsoft Word - Macromolecules /Domain// Lab identifying macromolecules in food july Draw or paste the following data table in your journal. Chemical Indicator Macromolecule Initial Observation Observations for a Positive Test Berries Solution Benedicts solution Gogol’s Iodine Paper Bag  · lab, you will utilize the following procedures to detect three of these macromolecules in everyday household items ‐ note what each procedure will detect in which macromolecules.

Test (procedure) Structure/

Lab identifying macromolecules in food july
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