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Mental math can be challenging and rewarding life-long skill. Key to remember is that Mental Math MUST be a planned program of instruction, focusing on strategy development with connections to the outcomes The designed tests are meant to be a complement to maths slideshow powerpoint mental math program, not your program itself.

Talking about the thought processes is the only way to know if students understand and can apply strategies. Mental math lessons are consistently delivered during the first period of the day that I see each group of students. The game is then played following the normal solitaire rules with the exception of using a sum of 10 as opposed to By students developing and sharing strategies they are more likely to take ownership of the strategy.

Once this game is played we talk about viewing the cards as 10, 20, Therefore, the use of manipulatives in your math maths slideshow powerpoint is critical to the development of mental math skills.

Lessons last from approximately 5 to 15 minutes. If students have no red pen for correcting, then, no tickets for that day. Mental math can make written computation easier or quicker Proficiency in mental math contributes to increased skill in estimation Mental calculation can lead to a better understanding of place value, mathematical operations, and basic number sense.

The modification is using a sum of maths slideshow powerpoint Unprepared for three classes homework or materials eliminates you from that weeks draw. The following slides will provide an example of the ground work that leads to the testing of a mental math strategy in my classroom.

The game can be extended to include more than ten cards or modified with sets of 10 cards pre-selected to make the task easier for students that may need modifications. The object of the game is to clear the playing field by making pairs of numbers that have a sum of 10, therefore, reinforces the mental math skill of making compatible numbers to Play like 5 card rummy the student who collects 5 cards that represent the same decimal wins Concentration, Go Fish, etc.

Connecting concrete, pictorial, verbal, symbolic and contextual representations is key to helping students develop strong mental math skills. As an alternative to teaching the strategies, have students attempt to solve problems independently to see what strategies they may develop on their own.

Any talking during the test, result in tickets for the day being eliminated. Tests are self corrected by students and results are recorded by students. Alternatively, students engage in activities to promote development and sharing of strategies that encourage success during testing. All students are to engage in 5 minutes of mental math per day.

Prior to this strategy, students would engage in activities allowing them to build using base ten blocksrecognize, illustrate, explain and express decimals in alternative forms. If interested feel free to use my ideas, or make adjustments based on what would work best for you.

Mental math strategies develop and improve over years of regular practice, therefore Mental math should be a planned program of instruction. Students can simply sort the cards.

The leg work for this strategy begins early in September with a game played using a standard deck of cards. They should be able to visualize manipulative materials in order to help them solve mental math questions. Sharing these strategies improves the development of thinking it through in other ways, and establishes that there is more than one way to attack a mental math problem.

Essentially, achievement of outcomes related to decimals, allow students to understand as well as visualize the decimals while trying to find compatibles. The cards can be used individually, with a partner or in small groups and various games can be played limited only by the imagination of the user.

Calculating in you head is a practical life skill. They soon realize, using compatibles makes the job quicker and easier. Mental math strategies can be taught, as well as, be developed and shared by students. The game modifies the Solitaire game where the player attempts to clear the playing field by making pairs of number with a sum of This establishes a classroom routine that the students become accustomed to.

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Students enjoy the game and it is a good ice breaker for the beginning of the year. Another game is to have students working in pairs count out 10 cards and time each other to see how long it takes for them to find the sum.Math Powerpoint Final 1 1. Jordin Billinghurst and Matt Phelps Introduction to Mathematics Let’s Check Out The Subjects 2.

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Variables and Open Sentences -- Download the Sort and use the PowerPoint to follow up on this collaborative activity on thinking and reasoning.

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