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Rob worked as a medic and saved a few lives, because he can see paul dale roberts ghostwriter services that give tell tale signs of dire circumstances. We promise to bring answers, healing and peace of mind to you and your family. I went to Tower of London with a tour.

She actually knew George when he was alive. This event could easily fill a small book with details; however we shall concentrate on this recent investigation. I must stress that this was not and should ever be taken lightly! The public is also welcome to come in and use the vast resources as well.

Staying in Room 5 is Shannon, Natalee and Jennifer. I was pushed into a heater when I was a little boy by an unseen force, burning my leg. She is a woman that seeks out adventure!

Paranormal Investigative Scouts attending this event were: Laura and Chantal picked up similar descriptions. What a surprise this was and what a small world we live in! Including encounters with U. Natalee felt something brush up against the back of her neck.

Ghost Girls Tales: Back to the Ione Hotel

The Sutro Library is home to the private collections of entrepreneur, mover and shaker San Francisco Mayor and land owner, Adolph Sutro, a first generation American from Prussia who had a fantastic love for "book collecting, libraries, the arts, and architecture. Deanna was gifted with psychic abilities as a child and carried them on into adulthood through the use of dream work, meditation and research.

The warmth started from the bottom of my leg and went into the inner part of my leg. To see pictures of this investigation, go to: Please, tell us, if this is what you desire. A scouting mission consists of many paranormal investigators and ghosthunters-in-training.

I felt his presence rush across the attic towards us as did Mr A1 and the others felt a freezing blast of air hit us with force.

Scouting Mission to Esquire Imax Theater/De La Rosa Residence

I had a hard time buying into it. Check the Events page for details. A second, smaller branch of the California State Library was created into house the immense collections of Adolph Sutro in San Francisco, his beloved city. Her brother collected foreign coins and he could place them in her hand and she was able to tell him what country the coin came from.

When it became apparent that the California State Library central branch was going to be the lightning rod to create and support community libraries in the future, it was transferred to the Department of Education.

They actually plan to stay in various rooms of the hotel, so they can experience the paranormal for themselves. Here are some possibilities that may be the reasons or reason for this paul dale roberts ghostwriter services.

It was a perfect fit for a team of ghost hunters. We show them any anomalies. We always look for the logical explanations first. As science advances, especially in ten years, we will have the means to utilize equipment that will give us more of a perspective of what we may be dealing with, when it comes to paranormal activity.

Only one time when she said that there were 3 women ghosts by a tree, I placed my hand at where she was pointing at and did feel a movement on my hand that I was unable to explain. He disappeared then hit our mediums crystal ball off its plinth onto the floor.

Past investigations at both locations have confirmed there is haunting activity. In Room 13 Shannon says: We recognize all religions and spiritualities and do not discriminate against any belief.

I also felt the presence of an elderly woman in a black flower dress. We hope to return in January or February for some more scares!

I was deathly sick the next day. She is somewhat mysterious, but I do know that she has a very extensive legal background. And now, here is an example of a real paranormal investigations performed by HPI International: No one knows who is still enjoying or studying the books and materials in the California History Section and Reading room.

In fact, the ghosts have the permission of the owners to share the house, which is why this particular case stands out in my mind.Jun 23,  · Paul Dale Roberts: I have never been to Iceland, but I have flown over this beautiful country on my way to England.

I have always wondered why so many people of this country believe that there are little people living on their island. Paul Dale Roberts is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Paul Dale Roberts and others you may know. Books by Deanna and Paul can be found here: Paul Dale Roberts - I am a paranormal investigator and writer.

Favorite Quotes. No favorite quotes to show; Favorites. Other. No Pages to show. Photos +4, See More Photos. By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter Edited by Shannon ‘Ms. Macabre’ McCabe One of the things that is fun about being a ghost hunter for H.P.I. (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations) of Northern California is that I am able to head out somewhere, meet a potential client and listen to their ghost story.

Our group, Halo Paranormal Investigations a.k.a. H P I paranormal is located in Sacramento, California. We go on ghost hunts and supernatural adventures, all throughout the northern area. Military intelligence and the UFO connection Posted on Sunday, 16 December, | 2 comments Columnist: Paul Dale Roberts Soon H.P.I.

(Haunted and Paranormal Investigations) of Northern California will be on their very first UFO investigation. Ghost Girls Tales: Back to the Ione Hotel By Paul Dale Roberts, Ghost Girls Ghostwriter.

It’s going to be a long day. I have to be at Shannon McCabe’s home at pm and prepare for a full day of doing a Ghost Girl shoot and investigation.

Paul dale roberts ghostwriter services
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