Reflection of micro teach

I was still anxious as I waited for the much needed feedback.

Reflection – Micro Teach

I felt I had to get some key ideas down in order to move on to the next section of the session, and so I felt I had to talk more than I had anticipated in order to get the content covered. People including myself seemed particularly happy with the small group activity on perspective; I honestly did not think that that section of the lesson would have been the most popular or the most effective part, but it seemed like everyone was very much on-board with the concept of it and my execution of it i.

This quick-fire visual aid aimed to again generate interesting discussion, which it did to a point. I feel I should speak to some experienced teachers about how well practical sessions work with larger groups and how I could plan this session to accommodate an increase in numbers.

I was able to watch how each student went about their box, some went straight into it, others checked the table examples again before starting and some sat back a little and watched how the others in their group started their box. A couple of students commented that to make the activity better I should have provided chocolates to put inside the box at the end.

On the build-up to the session I was really nervous. However I realise that my aims for the session were too broad and therefore it was difficult to achieve Reflection of micro teach L.

As part of our assignment we had to plan See Appendix 3 and deliver See Appendix 1 Reflection of micro teach 20 minute micro teach. In the event I was pleased with the way the lesson played out, however the following highlight several points that I feel could have been improve on. This part of the session was opened up for discussion, which I felt went well, most students had something to contribute, however, again I felt pressured for time, and when I asked the questions I would have liked to have given students more time to think, ponder, ruminate before they answered.

If I was to make an action plan for myself for next time, I would maybe look into mixing the session up a little. I also got the impression that everyone was happy with the initial analysis and sharing activity.

When I got my feedback from my peers the one thing that they did all mention was that I needed to slow down, I hope in time and with experience this is something I will be able to control.

However I think that I hid my nerves well and managed to pick up what I did not get across earlier, later in the session. I had decided what I wanted to teach quite early on, with a childcare background I had planned to do a practical activity — to make an origami box.

Looking through the different theories on reflection, I have chosen to use Gibbs reflective cycle to help me. This again meant that I did more talking than I had anticipated in order to get the content across. One student asked a question that took the direction of the lesson off in a way that would have been very interesting for further debate, but not appropriate for that session.

I chose the topic of Portraiture, a subject which I have studied in some depth during my foundation, and as a consequence I felt confident that I had good subject knowledge in which to answer questions and encourage an interesting debate.

They had the opportunity to use these prompts again if needed for the second half. I felt the conclusion of the session, was rather weak. After spending a great deal of time planning, and feeling confident with my draft plan, I practiced the session on my willing husband. When planning the microteaching exercise, I did my best to include variety in the lesson plan so that students who learn best in different ways might have their needs met and so that the short story could be approached in more than one way.

I feel like I could have made it a bit more organized, either by literally having everyone in a circle and just sticking to the order that people are sitting in, or by being a bit more focused with my groupings of responses. I was second to teach. I would, however, like to return to this topic in the future, as it has potential to generate a very interesting debate.

I had also tried to take in to account the different abilities in the room and the learning styles which would mean some students would find this activity harder than others and I wanted to be sure everyone felt included.

My concerns started to set in that I might not have time to complete the activity, I wanted to be sure my session had a beginning, middle and end without it being too rushed.

Everything was covered, including mistakes, flubs, points where we went completely off-track, etc. Also, as there were only two pairs, the tone of the exercise was hushed and subdued; I think it would have worked better with three or four students in a group, and one or two more groups to help encourage different opinions and therefore a more lively discussion.

As it was a smaller group I was able to provide one to one support quite easily if needed and I could still keep an eye on what was going on. I used a variety of different instructions for them to follow to make the box, such as, step by step pictures on the power point and step by step examples on the tables.

Reflection on Microteaching Exercise

The group I was aiming this for was first year students on a childcare course, getting ready to start placement. To summarise the whole session, I would say I was pleased and felt that my overall delivery was confident, conversational and relaxed.

As far as the teaching exercise as a whole goes, I think it was definitely a worthwhile thing to do, from both a planning and an execution standpoint.

Ultimately, I am quite happy with how my teaching presentation worked out. After over an hour of discussion on the topic, I realise I needed to narrow my aims and be much less ambitious with my learning outcomes. I think that it demonstrated the effectiveness in practice of what I had intended to do in theory when I wrote the lesson plan up in the first place, combining elements of different teaching approaches into a straightforward, cohesive lesson.

The next part of the session was to look at three paintings we only had time for two, which I had anticipated already, so perhaps I should have left the last one off the handout altogether. Indeed, feedback from my tutor advised to be less ambitious with a the learning outcomes and b the quantity of content intended to be covered in such a short session.

I apologize in advance for the lengthy read. Looking through my feedback See Appendix 2 it has been good to see the positive aspects that my peers took from the session, for example they felt I was motivational, communicated well, made sure everyone was included and used good resources and a clear power point.Oct 25,  · Reflection on Micro-teaching session October 25, § 1 Comment Yesterday I delivered a 15 minute “micro-teaching” session to 5 of my peers, all of whom are studying for the PgCert in HE, as well as completing an MA in their chosen discipline; Fine Art, Design or Creative Writing.

Reflection of Micro lesson I presented my first micro-teaching lesson and lesson plan for hours to my peer groups and delivered minutes.

My chosen topic was diabetes I chose this because I felt diabetes is common and most students will have some knowledge of diabetes. Alexandra)Goforth) ECI/) MicroteachingSelfReflection)) MicroteachingSelf,Reflection,) My)microteaching)experience)showed)me)a)lot)about)working)in)front)of)a).

Planning: My initial thought was to just have some fun with the 30 minutes get the learners warmed with an easy enjoyable lesson to get them working together as a team. Reflection on Microteaching Exercise NOTE: After reading everyone else’s responses, I feel like maybe I did this wrong; I ended up writing a sort of reflection paper, and it’s quite long and formal-sounding.

Reflection – Micro Teach As this is my first piece of reflective writing, I’m struggling to get this started. Looking through the different theories on reflection, I have chosen to .

Reflection of micro teach
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