Short essay advantages disadvantages computer

Advantages — Disadvantages of Internet Impact of Computer on Society In the world of technology, computer is useful to done a work easily, smoothly, fast. Due to it, users can get 2 types of radiation: Computers have advantages as well as disadvantages.

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Short Paragraph on Advantages of Computer

This may result in health issues such as back pain, and irritation in the eyes. Need uninterrupted supply of electricity: As a result, students do not have to think about their tasks and learn very little.

To cope up with these risks, various anti-virus software are available in the market. Class 12 Great advancement in the field of science and technology has resulted into the invention of numerous devices, which have made our life easy and comfortable.

Data Security The second drawback and demerit of PC is data is not secure in the hard drive. Young generation is now sending a more time on the social sites like facebook, twitter etc. These presentations are may be for events, products and projects etc. We can use it in schools for students fee cards, pictures, papers, result cards etc.

And it also has adverse effects on the social life. It has change the angle of life.

What Is an Essay for the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Computer?

For example, we can exchange information via e-mail or talk through some application creations such as Skype or Msn with friends at the same time, write or communicate through the Webcam.

And skilled person in specific software will charge high salary. After all, it is great to be able to store information in a digital fashion on the computer. This is why you must take caution when using the computer.

They take away from time spent outside exercising 3. And I really do think more points could be added.

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Students often find themselves distracted the possibilities while attempting to complete important tasks. Stores data in digital format: With a computer, you can do the job quickly.

The eventual impact of computer in society is uncertain, but they are likely to cause total disorder in society. The disadvantage is that too many people use computers too often and even young kids start off with a computer which leads to too much time on the internet that can damage eyes.

Far from Family The biggest disadvantages of computer system is more use of it for entreating and playing video games or other misuse keep the people far from their families.

People rely too much on the computers. People often stick to a particular position for long hours working in front of the computer. When it comes to games, the choices are almost unlimited. They hack the credit card numbers of the people and misuse them or they can steal important data from big organizations.

The use of computer has reduced time span of many works. The employees need to learn about these software before they can start feeding the data independently. Everybody like to hear latest new music, want to watch the latest released movies of Hollywood and Bollywood.

And although we can get answers within a second, we cannot retain it. Parental controls need to be set for children or they may encounter material they are not ready to filter 2.

Essay on Computer and its Advantages and Disadvantages

They are providing facilities of online banking; customer can check their account balance from using the internet. Prepare books of accounts: The three negative points of using a computer are: IF this was before computers you would need to write each one by hand and if you made a mistake you would have to start all over.

It has created serious problems for the data security. Unemployment is likely to result into crimes. Third, computer connects people to people. For example for designing need Graphic Designer, for architect need person who can work in AutoCAD, for computerized accounting need person who can work in Peachtree or QuickBooks Software.Good luck with your essay on the advantages and disadvantages of a computer!

You can also read about school essay editing and progressive era essay writing on our blog. Custom essay is the best solution to avoid painstaking process of essay writing. The essay on the advantages and disadvantages of a computer: ARGUMENTS “FOR” COMPUTERS Computers are good means of education When developing this idea in the essay on the advantages and disadvantages of a computer, say that computers help students practice writing, learning, reading, etc.

IELTS Advantages and Disadvantages Essay Lesson

Computers help us develop. Short Essay On Advantages and Disadvantages Of Computers Filed under Essay / Paragraph / Note, Featured Published by Charmin Patel on 07/05/ The last points of advantages and disadvantages of computer essay in points are about the uses of computers in business departments.

Every organization in the world, either it is small or big must need at least one or two computer for documentation, keeping records of workers, online communication etc.

Free Writing Essay on advantages and disadvantages of computer For: Class Great advancement in the field of science and technology has resulted into the invention of numerous devices, which have made our life easy and comfortable.

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Short essay advantages disadvantages computer
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