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It is one of the original roots styles of tango and contains all fundamental elements of traditional Argentine Tango. Ballroom tangos use different music and styling from Argentine tangos, with more staccato movements and the characteristic "head snaps".

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These and other electronic tango fusion songs The tango an element of revitalization to the tango dance, serving to attract a younger group of dancers. Nights were often the worst times.

But probably the most important evolutionist was Astor Piazzolla. Tango became the craze of the time. Enrique Santos Discepolo is perhaps most famous for his lyric, "The 20th Century is a trash heap. Carlos Gardel is still revered today, five decades after his death. This eclectic mix of cultures, the European emigres, the peasants from the Argentine hinterland, and the disadvantaged "portenos" became a new social class.

Many attempts have been made to trace the history of Tango, but nobody has ever found the exact root of its origins. Here, besides the tango with lyrics and authors such as Discepolo, the instrumental Tango becomes prominent.

They too, found The tango way into the Tango. Contact tango is a partner dance but like contact improvisation, it may include more than two dancers on occasion.

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New tango songs[ edit ] In the second half of the s, a movement of new tango songs was born in Buenos Aires. Traditional polkas, waltzes and mazurkas were mixed with the popular habanera from Cuba and the candombe rhythms from Africa. It spoke of fatality and of destinies engulfed in pain.

Tango (dance)

Nowadays, we can conjure up a vision of modern day male Flamenco dancers dancing in bolero jackets, with a hat pulled low over one eye, and such. Forward steps land heel first except when descending from a rise, and in backward steps dancers push from the heel.

In American Ballroom tango, the "close embrace" involves close contact in the pelvis or upper thighs, but not the upper body. As the dance form became wildly popular with upper and middle classes around the world, Argentine high society adopted the previously low-class dance form as their own.

Only the rising sun would dull the pain of memories. In tango canyengue the dancers share one axis, dance in a closed embrace, and with the legs relaxed and slightly bent.

History of the tango

Tango declined again in the s with economic recession and the banning of public gatherings by the military dictatorships. The Tango came from the The tango and low cafes of Buenos Aires at the turn of the century.

Other regional variations are based on the Argentine style as well. The melancholy tone of the music reflects the themes of Finnish folk poetry; Finnish tango is almost always in a minor key.

InJuan Peron rose to power and the Tango reached a new pinnacle of popularity in Argentina with both the generalisimo and his wife Evita embracing it wholeheartedly. Supply very often did not meet Demand and eager men would wait in long lines. But in Argentina, the blessings of the tango-mad people of Paris led to an acceptance of the original homegrown tango in all classes of society.

The flexibility is as important as is all movement in dance. The necessity of going underground combined with the eventual invasion of rock and roll sent the tango into decline until the mids when the stage show Tango Argentino opened in Paris.

Argentine Tango -- A Brief History

These are danced to several types of music: Soon new steps were invented and took hold as a new form of dance that combined traditions from many cultures.

The movements were very popular with spectators, but not with competition judges. Most of them were Italian and Spanish, and the vast majority were single young men looking to make their fortunes in America. The articles on these pages are based on many years of research in areas sometimes not covered by the official histories of Tango.

Parties were given with Argentinean orchestras, tango lessons and milongas. Bulky dresses were replaced by lighter, looser ones so the ladies could adjust to the moves of Tango.The tango dance became the courtship ritual of the middle class.

In the ’40’s, the “Golden Age” of tango, every night found half a million people dancing from midnight until 3 or 4 in the morning. The best tango orchestras would be booked for more than a year in advance.

This history of Tango Dance is based on many years of study and research in Buenos Aires. The subject is a huge one, and the memories of great dancers have rarely been recorded. The Tango, often called 'The Argentine Tango', is Argentina's contribution to the world of dance.

The Tango came from the brothels and low cafes of Buenos Aires at the turn of the century. Sexteto Mayor or the other Argentine bands. But the tangos are played with a verve and elegance that I love, and its versions of two tango classics, La Cumparsita and Jalousie, are superb/5(34).

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The tango
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