Threat of communism captured the attention of north america and western europe after wwii

Consequently, nearly all those listed lost their jobs and were unable to get new work within the industry. Outbreak of war in Europe[ edit ] Main article: Firstly, it fell into communist control and then into the hands of the USSR and central government from Moscow.

Poland fell within five weeks, with its last large operational units surrendering on October 5 after the Battle of Kock. This so-called "Red Scare" led to compromises of civil liberties.

They had put their differences aside to fight the Japanese, but after the war the old problems arose. Eastern European countries were, by this stage, so completely under the influence of Stalin that they were actually forbidden by him to take Marshall Plan money.

Events preceding World War II in Europe and Causes of World War II Germany was defeated in World War Iand the Treaty of Versailles placed punitive conditions on the countryincluding significant financial reparationsthe loss of territory some only temporarilywar guilt, military weakening and limitation, and economic weakening.

Despite the quick campaign in the east, along the Franco-German frontier the war settled into a quiet period. His new administration, the Republic of Vietnam, was set up as a direct response to the fall of China to communism in For its own economic reasons the United States was initially against the attempted-re-colonisation of Indo-China by France.

Essay: NATO Enlargement

As happened after the division of Germany inKorea came to represent the political and social differences between East and West. The paranoia, furthermore, was exacerbated by the fact that political figures, like Brewster and the notorious Joseph McCarthy, were suggesting we look not only overseas for our enemy, but also to our neighbors.

Kovaly, Under a Cruel Star: Full-scale war in Europe began at dawn on 1 Septemberwhen Germany used her newly formed Blitzkrieg tactics and military strength to invade Polandto which both the United Kingdom and France had pledged protection and independence guarantees.

European theatre of World War II

It is in this same period that the political forces of Communism and Democracy collide head-on. Enlargement would put both democracy and stability in Central Europe in place with burgeoning economics that often follow the establishment of democracies.

Pierre Teille du Jardin wrote of one world kept in peace by a strong international force.

Communism after 1945: Background

Japan and Germany had already signed the Anti-Comintern Pact into counter the perceived threat of the communism of the Soviet Union. Many historians believe that Stalin was openly planning the takeover of Eastern Europe.

So although communists did not yet have complete control of the country, they were in control of half of it, with plenty of allies in the other half.

America in the Post War Period

At that time nationalism, not communism was the main political driving force in Eastern Asia. School children were taught to duck under school desks in a practice akin to fire drills.The European theatre of World War II, also known as the Second European War, was a huge area of heavy fighting across Europe, from Germany's and the Soviet Union's joint invasion of Poland in September until the end of the war with the Soviet Union conquering most of Eastern Europe along with the German unconditional surrender on 8 May.

And throughout this period there were what Lenin called "useful idiots" that acted to assist communism in the USA. After WWII it was clear that our brave ally - Stalin - implememting an iron curtain across eastern Europe, with provocative actions like the blockade of Berlin.

How Communism Took Over Eastern Europe After World War II. Vladimir Dubinsky that it was only a matter of time before they moved from Eastern Europe to Western Europe. threats were used. Immediately after World War II, and for the next four decades, two political ideologies -- Soviet communism and American capitalism -- vied for supremacy and influence on the global stage.

During this struggle, known as the Cold War, Americans perceived communism as a viable threat to their freedom. May 27,  · How did communism become a threat to the United States?

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Spreading Communism

Communism became a real threat to the USA after WWII, around The Cold War lasted until the collapse of the Soviet Union on December 25, and then, to spread communism throughout Western Europe. Status: Resolved. Without the bomb, Communism did not present a physical threat to America; this is highlighted by the fact that the true height of the Red Scare in the 50’s did not occur until after the Soviet Union had obtained the Hydrogen Bomb and built a stockpile of nuclear warheads.

Threat of communism captured the attention of north america and western europe after wwii
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