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He is a high achiever and has been very successful. After feedback from her team members and annual reviews she conducts, Wendy found herself questioning her leadership skills, relationships with her team and the performance of certain team members, specifically Fred Wu. She was not able to connect with Wu from the beginning and had an uncomfortable relationship, even after his annual review.

Leaders try to avoid work conflicts; however, Wendy peterson case essay seem to pop up occasionally. Clayton Christensen describes culture as: Peterson was more concerned about receiving his connections than his lack of software sales experience.

Peterson will have to take this into account when completing his annual reviews if he decides to stay with the company.

She started by creating a volunteer mentoring program and then later added even more Wendy peterson case essay. Wendy Peterson, a very confident and educated woman, moved up in her company, AccountBack, quickly after graduating from college. How to Manage Relationship Conflict article.

Wendy Peterson

The report is structured as per the framework which was provided, and comprises my analysis of the case and illustrates the various options to solve the problem statement defined. Peterson came from a similar background attending an ivy league school. However, she was the youngest vice president of sales that location ever had.

She even went so far as to require daily contact for updates and weekly pipeline meetings. Peterson needed to think hard about her final decision. He is following his own road to success. To rectify the situation, Peterson organized group outings, sets up luncheons and mentoring programs for younger sales representatives to work with senior sales representatives in hopes of bonding her team.

To penetrate market, Peterson hires Fred Xing Wu, who was an entrepreneur and was familiar with Chinese business leaders. Staff are expected to volunteer their time and pass out materials, but Wu did not, leaving his team clueless on his whereabouts.

However, she told him she would consider his request. Fire Wu and hire someone else with same knowledge as Wu. However, there needs to be checks and balances in place just like there is for everyone. Peterson was placed in a leadership position as the vice president of sales, and was in charge account service teams.

Peterson perceives the request as unreasonable, but while responding she needs to consider the firm, her colleagues and the losses that it can incur to the firm.

As leaders learn more about their team members and their VABEs possible conflicts may arise; this is starting to show with Wendy Peterson and her newest team member, Fred Wu. Wu is ambitious, resistant, possess Leadership traits and has a sustained reputation of success.

Wu was raised in a Chinese culture where his beliefs and values are not hindered by American culture. For an assistant set targets for Wu. Before being vice president of sales, Peterson was a junior-level sales executive and started to mold her own culture at the company.

This move should be executed with utmost care as it can backfire. She was determined to update the culture and motivate her team. Culture varies for each person and each organization. Peterson conducted annual reviews with her team members.

Could she have received this kind of feedback sooner in the year before he received another offer? Edmondson and Smith touch on these topics in their Too Hot to Handle? Wendy Peterson struggles with task and relationship conflicts with one of her team members, Fred Wu.

Wendy Peterson Case Analysis

Wu required all calls from this client to be forwarded to him and he was over supervising the account service team. Even though she was much younger than the rest of her team that she led, her team members appreciated her initiatives to strengthen the team culture and performance.

Wendy Peterson is faced with the tough decision to supply Fred Wu with an assistant or lose him to a competitor.Wendy Peterson case analysis Essay Words | 5 Pages.

leadership style and development level of my subordinate. I should reconsider my participating approach towards my employees. Transcript of Casey Study: Wendy Peterson. AccountBack Issues within the Case Study Wendy Peterson Personality& Values Leadership vs.

Management Power &Conflict Communication Fred Wu Personality & Values Motivation Culture of Workplace Wendy Peterson's Annual Review of Fred Wu.

Wendy Peterson case study Stefanija Mindova Essay  Contents Introduction 1 Diagnosis 2 Solution 4 Conclusion 5 Introduction “ Wendy Peterson ” is a case study about the company Account Back which offers services and is making software products that can be used for accounting functions.

Read this free Biographies Case Study and other term papers, research papers and book reports. Wendy Peterson Case Analysis. Wendy Peterson Case Analysis Problem Statement: Wendy Peterson, a very confident and educated woman, moved up in her company, AccountBack, /5(1).

Situation Analysis. Wendy Peterson, manager at AccountBack, had just completed the annual review of one of her sub-ordinates, Fred Wu. Wu was hired by Wendy to attract the Chinese clientele. 8 months after he was. Wendy Peterson Case Essay Sample. Problem Statement: Wendy Peterson is faced with the tough decision to supply Fred Wu with an assistant or lose him to a competitor.

Wendy peterson case essay
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